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Worcestershire Sauce

This all purpose seasoning is made by Bourbon Barrel Foods. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Bourbon Barrel Foods is a producer of gourmet food products which reflect the heart of Kentucky Bourbon Country. Bourbon Barrel Foods embodies a new local and sustainable approach to food production by using repurposed bourbon barrels, and buying produce from local Kentucky farmers, such   as soybeans and sorghum, to create their delicious food products. Bourbon Barrel Food’s slow and simple approach to making their   food products in small batches creates delicious and distinct products. They are a favorite of chefs around the country such as Sean  Brock or Mike Lata and it is not uncommon to see chefs cooking with these distinctive products on television. Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire Sauce is made sweet from Kentucky sorghum, blended with pure limestone water, and aged in repurposed bourbon barrels. This Worcestershire Sauce will enhance any meat or vegetable, and is a great addition to any marinade.